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About Subhadranika

The guide of our lives is the choices that we make. Some paths are chosen by our own while others are led by the opportunities that come our way.

Success and happiness lie in doing the things that alleviate us from inside.

SUBHADRANIKA is a resource where your inner faiths are taken care of to content your life with positivity and self confidence. With the help of numerology – the science of numbers your characteristics are determined using analysis. Measures are recomended for upliftment in your life both personally and professionally. 

This is the platform on wich we are sure to help you with insights on minute details that are entitled to make a big difference in your life.


  • Numerology
  • Vastu
  • Chakra balancing and activation
  • Graphology
  • Switch word
  • Gemology
  • Partner compatibility – both marriage point and also in business

Who am I?

Way back in 2000, I began working as a coordinator in a play school. Later I joined the corporate world in the field of network marketing. I always aim for growth and progress in any work which I do. Corporate job gave me all that I wanted, but monetarily, I was still not happy. So with a heavy heart I decided to quit working with this company.

This temporary setup disheartened me, but God had different plans. He is very kind and loves his children and plans the best of the best. 

One day while traveling I was listening to a Numerologist on FM radio. After reaching home I called him and asked about his consultation charges and I was shocked to hear them. Despite that I decided to get consultation from him. 

After paying and sharing my details, I waited for a month then I received a mail in which a few things were mentioned about my personal and professional life. 

Although I didn’t understand it completely, I kept reading it again and again. Eventually, I came to know about my strengths and weaknesses, the meaning of my name and correction of my name spelling. I also understood my lucky dates, colour, favorable numbers, years, profession, health and so on.  

This caught my imagination and I decided to go with NUMEROLOGY and I did Masters in Numerology! Today I am practicing successfully and passionately and giving my services online and helping people all around!

I take great pride in telling that have many happy and satisfied clients.

Namaste, I’m Manjuu, the founder of Subhadranika. A fanatic about my work, the journey as Numerologist started 2 years back. I began my corporate career as Network Marketer in a well-known organisation in 2008 and continued on the same life path for 10 years, yet searching for the why of life. I found my purpose of life of being a mediator connecting the dots between the lines of destiny, science and individuals.

“Numerology projections will fascinate your for your entire life” – William Kennett.

The science of Numerology is a vertical that binds onself with the purpose of their wellbeing It is that force which helps you to focus on your inner self and positivity in day to day life with some little changes to be happy and thrive on your goals.

As a Numerologist, with the use of science behind numbers, I help people with implementing it in their lives to unite themselves with their strengths, optimism, persistence, self-belief to achieve the actual contentent in their lives.

Connect with me.

Together we will focus on your true self.

Master Numerologist


Our association is for life and we are always there to help.

We understand your problems

First we understand the problems in detail. Then give solutions to balance your BODY, MIND & SOUL. Simple yet effective remedies which can be followed easily. Vastu and counseling is also part of it which is gives additional help to clients

Follow up and Feedback

It is not just about providing remedies. Master Numerologist keeps asking whether clients are doing remedies or not and if they are unable to do it, we do it on their behalf.

Proud of my Achievements

My sphere of activities

Customers reviews

I am an entrepreneur dealing in kitchen products and providing solutions to households. Primarily dealing in Tupperware, I met Manjuu as part of a business networking group. She understood my situation so well and gave me correct and timely advise and helped me grow more confident and successful.
Rasshmi Goel
Kitchen Solutions
Manjuu Mehta is truly the master numerologist and she is an expert in this field. She has brought out all the aspects of my personal life and my career in a series of meetings online. This has not only helped me in my present career but has brought me happiness and satisfaction.
Shubhra Singh
Insurance Agent Advisor
It was a chance meeting with Manjuu which transformed my life along with my husband. She changed my name totally from Rashmi to Parreneta and she changed the spelling of my husband. She also gave us tips on vastu and made minor changes. Slowly all the negativity started leaving our house and family and it was replaced by happiness. It is all thanks to Manjuu Ma'am and her advise. She is always there to help me.
Parreneta Teotia
‘GYANODYA’, Near Chhoti Neher, Krishna Nagar, Haridwar
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